6 Low Budget Renovation Ideas Of Terrace


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Homeshabby.com -- Often when we hear the word terrace renovation that is in our imagination is very costly, however you don't need to worry! it turns out that there are many ways to make your terrace more beautiful with simple steps that are concise and do not require a large amount of money. 

Even though it is placed outside the home or outdoors, the terrace area should be made as comfortable as possible. immediately, let's explore cheap and low budget renovation ideas of terrace.

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1. Added new furniture

Using new furniture in the room has indeed proven to be a powerful renovation idea, including on the terrace. Terrace will automatically display a different impression that before. You don't have to use luxury style furniture. You can just add bean bags, poufs or change the color of the patio chairs that are more striking with a combination of floral pillows that refresh the eyes.

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2. Use simple and unique pots and decorations on the terrace

If you like ornaments of furniture with traditional wood or woven bamboo materials. There is no harm in making the terrace look more different. One way is to use ornaments from woven bamboo crafts which are very affordable as a more unique wall accent. This bamboo woven container that can be used as a unique pot will be the center of attention on your porch.

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3. Awesome mix of materials

If to you, the terrace looks monotonous and boring, just try adding other materials that match the color of the terrace and the green plants that decorate the area. For example, using woodplank on the side of the facade wall, exposed red bricks, or also floor tiles replaced with tiles that look harmonious and have natural nuances.

That way, the color combination of these different materials looks very beautiful and also saves energy and costs for maintenance, right ?

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4. Use synthetic grass

Covering the patio with ceramic or wooden tiles is indeed a good choice. However, covering the patio area with synthetic grass is also a good option. Not only that, we can even strengthen the natural impression on the terrace. It doesn't take much time in terms of maintenance, synthetic grass is a solution for a more impressive terrace but at an affordable cost.

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5. Place the rocks and replace the earthenware pots on the terrace

If you terrace seems monotonous, you can place small rocks or gravel on the patio yard. This renovation idea can change the appearance of the terrace drastically and the atmosphere will be cooler. 

The existence of this gravel also turns out to add a natural impression and is in harmony with larger rocks. Your terrace will feel more attractive. Besides that, you can also replace plant pots with clay pottery material which is natural in color and is somewhat more durable.

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