6 Lovely Pink Living Room Decor Ideas


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Homeshabby.com -- There are many ways to change the living room design to be more cheerful and feminine. One way is to add pink to the living room decor. Mother Interested ?

Pink is the color that can give a bright and calm impression to a room that represents love and romance. The pink color in the room is also very suitable to be combined with various colors, such as white, black or blue. Before you design your living room to be all pink, Homeshabby.com will provide recomendations for a number of pink living room decorations that you can limitate.



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Luxurious furniture with large and tall shapes to accent the pink living room which adds aesthetic value to your home. Combined with blue and white wall paint colors and decorative curtain motifs that can beautify the living room. The floor can use a carpet with a size that covers all the brown elements that soothe the atmosphere while relaxing.


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You can express a variety of ornaments in one pink living room without neglecting the aethetics and function. For example, a rustic white wood patterned wall wallpaper combined with floral motifs from sofa covers, carpets and part of the wall decorations that have more white color makes the pink accents on the sofa more striking and attractive. The atmosphere will be more cheerful and fun to  have activity.

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To create a bright impression, you can combine pink with white on the walls. Meanwhile, for furniture you can use several pastel pink sofas complete with pillow decorations with motif and patterns that attract the eyes of visiting guests. You favorite pink living room will be more elegant and luxurious with the addition of a crystal chandelier in the middle of the ceiling like the picture above.

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This pink living room design tends to be simpler with gold wall ornaments that stand ornaments that stand out and create a more elegant and stylish look. Wainscoting that looks real on the wall layer is a characteristic of today's modern-style housing. Looks perfect with the collaboration of the pink sofa chair next to the coffee table to serve a cup of drink. As additional lighting a standing lamp in the corner of the space complements the accent of this pink room.


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If you have a fairly narrow space, don't forget to add a mirror ornament in addition to complementing the accent wall behind the guest sofa, it can also reflect the broad effect of the pink living room. The play of beautiful and feminine colors in the shabby style collaborated with a modern, adorned style can enhance the beautiful living room design. 

The leter L sofa section is gray to make it more comfortable and warm, while for the sofa cushions, shabby pink is chosen with a touch of white that is brighter and cleaner.


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