6 Flower Patterns for a Beautiful Bedroom


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Homeshabby.com -- Did you know that plants or flowers in a beautiful home page can make you sleep soundly if they are placed in a beautiful bedroom ? Palcing various type or plants and flowers can have a calming effect and help the room air to be cooler and healthier. Interior patterns or decorative ornaments containing natural elements and beautiful flowers can also add to a bedroom to look attractive and full of charm. For those of you who are curious ! let's see 6 flower patterns for a beautiful bedroom decor for you.

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The bright and cool ambiance of a bedroom can be even more beautiful with the presence of monstera plants and "decorative bananas" in the corner of the element. The location of the room which is integrated with the outdoor garden area makes the atmosphere as if you are sleeping in the wild. Curtains and bed covers featuring shabby chic floral patterns make the bedroom look more colorful and more charming, especially for women.

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In contrast to this bedroom, applying rustic nuances combined with a bohemian style looks simple but guarantees better sleep quality because it gets healthy and cool air from the decorations of the indoor plants around it. Take good care, place plants such as "sirih gading" and "lidah mertua" near the bed with natural wood paneling to make it look more elegant and beautiful.

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Continue to the inspirational design of small bedroom, with a single size bed featuring flower patterns on the divan without a headboard so that it looks simpler and doesn't feel full. Plant "Sri rejeki" in small pots as an additional decorative accent complements the storage shelf to be attractive. Decorative light as additional light make the atmosphere of the small room a little more spacious.

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In the children's bedroom is the most suitable place to present decorative patterns of flowers and plants for children's flowers. Various color games that process the brain and imagination are a child's favorite. Mattresses with wooden awnings can be used as mini hanging plants hanger displays. The "palm" plant represents the nuances of nature in a closed space. Patterned sheets with educational game rugs can make children's activities in the room more enjoyable.

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Almost the same as the previous bedroom, it looks cheerful and colorful, with curtains and floral bed covers, but with a different color. The fullnes of the motifs and patterns used in each element will not make the impression cramped, but the bedroom atmosphere becomes sweeter and brighter thanks to the addition of living plants and the large window light near the bed.

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