6 Cozy Living Room Ideas and Decor Inspiration


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Homeshabby.com -- The cozy living room design is one of the room design concepts that can provide comfort for you and your guests. Making the cozy living room needs a careful design so that you can get a room with an attractive appearance. By arranging the living room properly and maintaining cleanliness is one of the main keys in creating a comfortable living room.

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For those of you who have a house with a minimalist size, then a cozy living room design can be applied by combining natural elements into the living room. Place a brown leter L sofa with wooden floors, a small wooden table, and some ornamental plants in the corners of the living room. In addition, you can also add windows that open wide to get free sunlight. All these combinations will make your living room fresher and more spacious.

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With a touch of gray in every interior ornament and white in your living room which is applied through wall paint and ceramic floors, it wil give a wider and more open impression. In addition, you can also add a lighter touch of wood texture or use light wood colors to your living room coffee table furniture. This can give a more lively, yet warm feeling in the room.

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A minimalist living room is not only suitable for using dim or calm colors, but the use of bright or striking colors can also decorate a minimalist living room. As in the use of white, which dominates every element in the cozy living room design. Where this can make your living room look lively, clean, but still minimalist.

To complement the nuance, you can also add a warm touch from the wood elements and the lighting lamp which makes the atmosphere warmer at night.

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You can give a vintage touch to your minimalist living room, namely by presenting a classic interior such as the use of antique decorations on the wall between the blue and cream colors that decorate this living room. With a contasting blue color combined with a sweet cream color, it can give a warm and homey impression to all residents of the house.

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Use wood elements that domintae the cozy room to make it warmer but still energy efficient regarding the lighting thanks to the brighter white and cream palette accents. All the interior of the living room which is fairly simple, made of rattan and natural wood, is able to make maximum comfort. Sofa and chaise lounge furniture can make the space look more relaxed.

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