5 Tips to Present an Ideal Minimalist Fish Pond at Home


Tips to Present an Ideal Minimalist Fish Pond at Home

Homeshabby.com -Soothing sound of water is a powerful stress cure that can also beautify a home. It can be obtained if there is a fish pond at home. We cannot deny that the existence of a fish pond in a minimalist home is able to provide calming shades and relaxing impression. Well, here are five tips to bring the minimalist fish pond in your home:


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It is a good idea to put a fish pond in a place where the family members are usually gathering or in a place which is quite spacious. Always consider the aesthetic factors of your house. You should also note the fundamental principles in making a fishpond such as the water sources and sunlight.


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Determine the design of the fishpond. You can choose a variety of fish pond designs that fit your minimalist home design. It is better to look for references in some media, such as online and print media about the property. Minimalist fish pond design is necessary for compatibility between the shape of the house with the fish pond. Add natural stones to create a natural impression or ornamental plants to strengthen the natural shades in your minimalist home.

Lighting and maintenance

Lighting is also an important thing to consider as it serves to illuminate the area of fish pond, making it look more lively. For the fishpond maintenance, pay attention to the water circulation and clean the pond regularly.

Fish nutrient

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Provide complete nutrient for your pet fish growth. Fish need hygienic nutrients in order to grow well. In this case, the water should have a good quality and adequate nutrient.

The cost to build a fish pond

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Determine the cost of your minimalist fish pond based on the budget you have. One way is to consult it with people who have experiences in this field.

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