5 Myths about Green Roofs You Should Know


5 Myths About Green Roofs You Should Know
Homeshabby.com - Roof Garden with City ViewSo far, you may only find out the roof is made of tiles and asbestos. But, have you ever thought about green roof?

A green roof is a living roof which vegetates and grows. The roof is made of a waterproof layer which is fitted with drainage as a growing medium for plants. Green roof is home to a variety of plants, including grasses and flowers.

Many people are mistaken about the green roof, starting from the idea of difficult treatment until the expensive cost. The following are myths about green roof that are often misunderstood by people:

1. Green roof is the latest invention
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Did you know that green roof was first introduced in Germany in 1940? In Norway, the roof is usually used by the suburban.

2. Green roof is only for green building

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Of course green building certification would not be complete without the green roof. However, many houses without the green building concept keep using this green roof. It is because the green roof is far more efficient.

In Germany, there has even been conducted a study showing that green roof reduces heat so that people will not need to use the air conditioner.

3. Green roof can also leak
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This is a problem most frequently asked. The leak actually occurs due to an improper installation and design. Green roof has a waterproofing layer that does not easily leak or get weathered.

Some studies even show that the life cycle of a green roof is longer because there is no protection of waterproof membrane and ultraviolet sunlight. Plants and substrates on the green roof act as a natural barrier to prevent weathering process.

4. Green roof needs costs and extra care
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Many people think that green roofs are expensive and difficult to maintain. In fact, all green roofs only require irrigation system at the beginning, and then the roots will grow as usual. To offset costs, the irrigation water can be collected from rain water.

5. Green roof is complicated
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Many people are mistaken about the green roof because they do not know how to start and lack of information.  If you want to install the green roof, it is better to have service from contractor related to yearly maintenance.

The cost of installing a green roof varies, depending on whether you want the sedum roof to be inaccessible or accessible. The lifetime of the green roof is largely not known yet, but some professionals say that the lifespan is twice longer than traditional roofing.

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