6 Best Indoor Plants Arrangement Ideas


Homeshabby.com -- A beautiful and clean house is everyone's dream. It's not about how big and big the building is. But the most important thing is the cleanliness and ability of the owner to organize every furniture that exists. Proper decoration when in the changing situations of summer and rainy season putting plants in an indoor space is the right thing and is being hit among fans of room decoration. 

In addition to adding beauty, plants in the house are able to help clean the air in the room and make the atmosphere of the room more cool. Well guaranteed to make you feel at home anyway. Here are some examples of best indoor plants arrangement ideas.

There is no such thing as a large living room and plants are added in pots placed next to the sofa. The size of this plant is not too high you can choose with rattan pot containers, pottery colored terrakota according to the feel of the living room. "Lilies" plants can fill the floor while to decorate the guest table, you can add a charming yellow planter "sri rejeki".

So that the cooking activities are not boring, you can put some fresh plants in the kitchen. This army green kitchen set although relatively small but with the presence of decorated indoor plants will increase the air conditioning of the kitchen is cooler and fun to cook. 

Choose plants that are easy to care for, don't need much sunlight and water to make your activities lighter. The "lidah mertua" plant fills the corner of the kitchen, the "sirih gading"  plant that creeps with yellow leaves fills the top of the kitchen to make it more beautiful, while in another corner you can put the plant "monstera" or other large type.

If your 2nd floor house, the existence of stairs can be more eye-catching to look amazed, if you decorate it with various kinds of fresh greenery. Gloosy ladder railing accents are able to be more elegant with the presence of plants. You can place the ornamental plant "pisang hias" under the stairs, then fill the stairs with the plant "variegata" which has a distinctive color of unique and beautiful green gradation leaves. Pot containers can be with rattan materials due to its more aesthetic appearance.

Switch to the dining room, minimalist design equipped with the right furniture and mirror decoration is able to support the narrow impression to be more relieved. Not having to be with an atificial flower vasem you can ornamental plants "philodendron" and "sirih gading"  with glass pots. The focal point of the dining room is the top table so that the plant can change the mood to be more happy and fresh.

This is the coolest place in the house with different types of plants that you like. The concept of a semi-outdoor patio area can make it easy to place all kinds of plants in one element. Because the atmosphere that is combined with the outdoor environment will give a more beautiful impression on the room of your home. Like "calathea" plants, "liles paris", lidah mertua or others can be neatly decorated corners, hanging spaces, the top of storage and the edge of the porch of the house.

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Author : Imka
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