Top 6 Living Room Colors


Picture : @prdeina -- Interior paint colors have an important role as a means to strengthen and create a certain impression. One of them is in a living room that usually looks dull and can look beautiful and have a new appearance by just changing the paint color. Besides being able to give a new face, paint is also able to change the atmosphere of a space and have a psychological influence on its occupants. The narrow living room at home will instantly have the impression of being spacious, spacious and comfortable. Here are some examples of living room color inspiration that are trending this year that you can try at home !

Picture : @damaricha

Green color in the living room

In the dry season, cool house paint colors are the right choice. Including the green color in the living room. Green is synonymous with trees or leaves and a fresh impression of nature. This color can highlight a peaceful harmony in the living room. You can also choose a pastel green paint color, because it is said to be a soothing and homey color. Pair it with wood-colored wall hangings that give the space a more natural impression.

Picture : @wulan_julianie

Clean living room in white

Love white ? You can use this color choice as a paint color for your living room at home. Besides being easy to combine with other colors, white always manages to give a clean, spacious and airy impression to the room. A living room that has white walls will also look brighter, wider and seem clean, comfortable and calm.

Picture : @wellaoktaviaadtya

The warmth of the living room from the cream nuances

The right way to conjure up a narrow living room is to present a warm and airy sensation with the use of cream colors. Cream combined with wooden waal or wood-textured decorations, will make the room feel spacious comfortable and warm.

Picture : @debabanaza

Sweet pastel colors of pink and gray

The next great paint color for the living room when combined is the pink and gray colors in the main interior. These two colors can sweeten the appearance of the living room. In order to balance the color combination you can use colorful sofa cushions to mediate between these two colors. So that the concept of choosing the color also seems more sweet and fun.

Picture : @rumah_putih_abu

Masculine impression of the living room gray color

Want to create a classic or modern impression in your living room ? The choice of gray paint will give a classic and modern impression to any space. And as a complement, add accessories and decorations in bright colors like yello. Thus a narrow living room will actually look wider and soothe the eye.

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