Beautiful Purple Themed Interior Design

 Beautiful Purple Themed Interior Design -- Home with the concept of minimalist were of the greatest interest in society. Besides a simple and attractive design these minimalist designs are also more easily applied to some of the environmental conditions that surround them. Whether in the village or in the cities, these minimalist designs would be a good choice to make the most of the land we have. A simple yet interesting impression always attached to this minimalist design. We can make the minimalist home design simple but the home more alive and of course be comfortable to live in. You can choose purple color in your home interior. 

Ig Indah_Dwi78

The living room was chosen using the pretty young purple colors presented at the selection of a brightly colored elongated sofa so that it could add some comfort when guests visit. To give a more beautiful impression you can add a cushion of flower shaped so as to stand out different and also attractive. You too can add a tiny coffee table to make it look more presentable. 

Ig Indah_Dwi78

An empty lower staircase you can use as a living area by adding a pretty purple carpet. Also you can add an elegant and modern white table. And there can also be a dressing area. You can add mirror with bigger design so look illusion brighter. 

Ig Indah_Dwi78

Where you can make you family room comfortable with a white armchair made of cane that only appears naturally to be modern. The wall has been intentionally made of wood in half so that it can provide a traditional environment. Furthermore the addition of dry leaves makes a strong atmosphere natural. 

Ig Indah_Dwi78

A bedroom with purple might add comfort and light to the room. You can use a comfortable bed with the right color choice. The cramped room area can be maximized by using TV attached to the wall or a small bedside table. You can add a welcome mat to your color too. 

Ig Pipit

It was a challenge to have a small kitchen. You can use a letter L shaped kitchen to maximize its function. You can use the kitchen in purple or be combined with cute characters. As for storage you can use the enclosed top cabinet to make it more neat and beautiful. 

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Author      : Septiyani
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