Modern Pink House with 2 Bedroom -- Fans of pink color definitely want to have a house with all pink decorations. However, you have to pay attention to the right color combination so that it doesn't seem flashy. Home decoration designs use baby pink color which looks softer when compared to other pinks. The colors are pastel and soft. This baby pink or pastel pink color is pink mixed with white. The combination of pink and white will produce faded and soft colors, giving a broad and more beautiful impression to your modern home.

Interested in applying it to home decor ? Check out the brief explanation below.

Starting from the facade of the main door of the pink house. The design of the main door with a wreath decoration that uses pink color with a white iron trellis for ventilation as well as safety when the position is closed makes this pink- themed house give a beautiful first impression. The wall elements are also given a touch of pink paint from the focus line with a combination of white paint that looks elegant and attracts the eyes.

Tends to be simpler in one of the bedrooms in this pink house. White nuances appear to be the main color, while the pink impression is poured out through the love patterned bed cover with a cute and cool-looking ribbon headboard cover. In order for the appearance to be more lively, don't forget to always add live plants, either in the corner of the bed or just the planter on side table. This will affect the quality of your sleep to be cooler and more restful.

Shifting to the dressing table, it looks beautiful with a neat arrangement of accessories and make up equpment and does not seem full. Accents and color combinations look more lively and cheer up the atmosphere. The pastel pink of the fleece blanket and the storage basket on the side represent the theme. As for the nightstand interior, the standing lamp which looks modern and unique in white supports the pink theme in the dressing room, which is even more beautiful and classy.

Enter the coffee bar area or the dining room which is fairly small, complete with minimalist stool tables and chairs covered with beautiful pink tablecloths and foam seats that beautify this room. A storage basket on a matching open shelf can be placed on the side of the dining table as a storage containes that looks very cute and attracts the eye. The slim shape of the table with an iron frame will still provide comfort and will not take up much space if you position it in one area with the kitchen area or other space.

Maximizing the narrow space under the stairs as a kitchen area with a size of around 1,5 x 2 m is very effective for you to make a space saving reference. Showing a pink theme in the interior that is not permanent or makes it easy for you if one day you want to change the color theme in the kitchen. For example, adding wallpaper, plan stickers on the kitchen cabinet and adding artwall that reads happy cooking in pink which adds to the aesthetic value of this pink home interior design. Meanwhile, so that the kitchen looks more assertive and inconspicuous, you can add a backplash with black ceramic motifs as shown.

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Author : Imka
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