6 Way to Create Green Color Interior Design


Homeshabby.com -- The choice of color for the interior of the house can affect the atmosphere in the house. For example, green is a color that symbolizes nature, fertility and harmony. This color is believed to increase feelings of pride, happiness, and is able to generate energy and a sense of security. With this kind of philosophy, it's no wonder that green is often chosen to decorate home interiors. So that you are not confused in decorating a house with green nuances so that it remains with an elegant and no less beautiful appearance. Here are 6 ways to create a green color interior design that you should inspire.

The terrace of the house is the first part that people see when visiting your house. Therefore, make sure the atmosphere of the terrace of the house is in harmony with the rest of the house. Especially now that many people choose to receive guests on the terrace of the house. 

Use green in combination with white accents. Apart from making the terrace of the house look beautiful, this color also gives the guests a peacefull and cool impression it's good, you also add a variety of green plants to beautify your porch.

The living room will definitely be more comfortable if you apply cream or white house paint which is brighter on the living room wall. Usually the walls that get this color application will get a lot of light exposure. So that even the narrow space will seem broad even though the interior uses a more dominant green accent. The room looks more modern and refreshing from the green sofa with the play of leaf motifs from the tablecloth and pillow cloth.

The use of green in the main bedroom can also make your rest calmer, this is because green gives off an balance and peace nuances. You can apply green colors starting from simple things, such as replacing bed sheets with green leaf motifs or army green curtains that make it easier for you to decorate the room. As for the accent walls, you can adjust the home theme such as soft cream colors and warm the atmosphere. Do not forget to add window lighting so that the narrow impression in the main bedroom, which is equipped with a large bed, can be removed.

Switching to the children's room, a space that tends to be smaller with a single bed capacity with a simple decoration. Green accents that seem comprehensive make the space cooler and fresher, but pay attention to the color combination and green color composition that can make the room look monotonous. You can work around this by combining it with yellow or white colors that stand out in every corner so that children will be more comfortable resting and playing in their room.

Not only the living room and bedroom can use green house paint, your kitchen can also use this color, you know. Bring a classic fresh feel to the kitchen with a touch of green. The green color in the kitchen is said to make you more excited when cooking. No wonder, the taste of your cooking is definitely more delicious because it is cooked with joy. To give a touch of refreshing green, try applying it to a curtain of kitchen cabinet to add to the elegance of your kitchen, where the walls have been covered with pastel green bubble wallpaper.


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