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Homeshabby.com -- The bedroom is the most comfortable place in one of the rooms in the house. The Comforts can be created from attractive designs and decorations. By maximizing the space in a small room, you will be able to adjust the arrangement and use of furniture that is quite complete. Homeshabyy.com will share ideas about small rooms that can be used to put the TV in the room you have. Come on, see it until it's finished, hopefully it is useful for you.

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The storage that is applied is a bedroom as it looks capable of making use of space and can be easily used of you put it in a small room. Without requiring a large storage space like this, you can use it in the room where you want it.

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This bedroom is indeed small and tiny, but by applying the right furniture it can give a wider impression to this room. Part of the bed that looks like a sofa but maximizing the room can give a more functional also seems minimalist and ideal. The placement of the TV that functions the work area will not reduce the space in this room, it seems more spacious.

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Dominantly using white in this room gives a more simple and classic impression by combining matching colored exposed bricks. Sufficient lighting is also able to make air circulation better and look spacious even though the actual room is relatively small. TV can be applied at the end of the bed makes it easier for the room owner to watch TV shows or watch favorite movies.

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The use of glass windows with more natural lighting gives the room a bright impression, which is in line the gray and white interior paint. The cabinet at the end of the bed is able to maximize the existing space with a TV attached to the wall to get a minimalist impression. To give a more cheerful color, you can use interior paint or some elements in this room with a bolder color such a orange, blue or red.

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A bedroom with softer and calmer nuances in this room gives a feminine impression if it is owned by a woman. Applying a work desk with a TV attached to the wall can give a more functional impression with  the use of this furniture. Several cabinets attached to the wall give a minimalist and efficient impression.

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A narrow bedroom doesn't rule out the possibility of placing adequate furniture in a room. As an example in this bedroom, the use of electronic TV devices is able to give a living impression by placing the TV at the end of the bedroom. Applying a light in the middle of a white room with the use matching colors between the walls without wall decor and the navy bed makes this room look warmer.

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