6 Small Bedroom Ideas for Maximizing Space and Style


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Homeshabby.com -- The bedroom is the longest place for you to unwind and rest. But, what if you have a narrow bedroom design? Thinking of an area for storage, maximizing the function of the room to finding design inspiration to create a bedroom with ultimate comfort requires hard work and creativity. However, even though the space is very limited, there are solutions that can be relied on and are realizable. Here are 6 small bedroom ideas for maximizing space and style for you ! Hurry up and see, beautiful mother, Hope it's useful :)

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Maximizing the bottom dimensions of the divan for basket storage in the Scandinavian style bedroom

You can use a small bedroom with a traditional iron divan that leaves a lower dimension, you can use it for the storage area with rattan baskets that accentuate wood material in harmony with all interiors such as work chairs, carpets and roundh shelves on the wall that can warm the atmosphere. The Scandinavian design that is identical to using soft colortone further enhances the style of space and the design of small spaces to be more comfortable and classy.

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The combination of dark accents with enough light from the outside looks comfortable for a boy's room

A resting place with a design according to taste and desire is everyone's dream, one of which is a small bedroom for men with monochrome nuances and a touch of wood panels that are exposed on the headboard and window lighting with white curtains which makes the space more spacious. Even though applying dark black to a small space, it doesn't matter if all the interior layouts are not excessive and still leave room for free activity.

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Minimizing the interior and decorating for a more spacious room in a small bedroom with a feminine character

A bedroom with a feminine character with a floor and headboard design using natural wood accents, decorated with green plants that adorn hanging lamps and divan can beautify this small bathroom. In addition, the choice of white and dusty bed cover color adds to your rest time to be more beautiful. Place the most important interior according to your needs and throw away some unnecessary item so that the impression of relief in the small space is maintaned.

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A simple small bedroom by installing cute wall pattern panels as an aesthetic design

A small bedroom with a single size bed with a tasseled bed cover with a variety of colors looks simpler and more spacious thanks to the stand out accent walls. A panel pattern with a combination of pastel paint colors can make wall decorations simpler but still look stylish. So that even a small space can maximize the empty wall so that it looks alive and the design of the space is more visible.

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Choose a divan that tends to be lower so the space doesn't look full
Maximizing a small bedroom in addition to coloring the design must also pay attention to the size and model of the main interior. Low cots will affect the design of the space to appear wider, moreover, the white accents on all elements area able to make hexagonal wall panels and abstract painting more outsending and eye-catchy.

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