6 Gorgeous Green and White Living Room and Tips for Accessorizing them


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Homeshabby.com -- Coloring in interior design is increasingly diverse for the living room. If you want a refresing color, try to choose a green and white color variation to make it fresher. Starting from moss green, asparagus green, avocado green, to bright lemon green. The presence of green and white in the room is believed to help the mind stay focused and reduce stress. Interested in applying green in the living room, but confused about decorating ? 

Here are 6 green and white living room inspiration as well as tips on how to decorate them.

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The green and white ccolor in the ,iving room makes the atmosphere look more comfortable and cool. The combination of wooden furniture also gives a rustic and aesthetic touch. The green color can be presented by choosing sofa foam, sofa cushions, or the addition of various types of indoor plants. 

To make it look more soft, you can combine it wth wood colors on the sofa chair material and room dividers with a multifunctional wooden display shelf or drawer model.

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If you have a spacious living room, don't hesitate to include green in your living room design. So that it's not monotonous, an earthy colored living room can be combined with other colors to give it a more vibrant touch. Such as white on wainscoting and cream on the top wall, and the use of lemon green on the interior of the sofa to make it more cheerful.

Like something artsy? add some artwork such as a painting or carpet and patterned puffs for an eye catchy finish.

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Want to create a fresh and bright, yet simple impression into your living room ? if so, the green color combined with pale white can also be emulated by mothers. Green accents can be presented through a long puff with a stool with a floral motif, as weel as the addition of decorative plants or plastic plants that you can put in several corners to show the atmosphere of a relatively small living room that is cooler. 

Don't forget to give a round mirror touch and some decorations of your choice to make the wall design less monotonous.

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For those of you who want to bring a classic and islamic impression to the living room, you can try this one method. You only need a green sofa set with quilted accents. The combination of a green sofa with white makes the living room look more classy. Besides looking cool, shades of green are also used if you want to create a luxurious impression in the room design. Classic and islamic wall calligraphy variations make the green and white living room even more eye catchy.

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Want to combine a chic design living room with shades of green ? of course, i can. Mint green on the sofa succeeds in giving a fresh impression to a chic designed living room. Wallpaper with shabby flower motifs, adding a cheerful and adorable atmosphere to the room. Different variations of green make a simple space look more spacious and brighter, and make room for activity more spacious.

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