6 Beautiful Indoor Garden Under Stair Ideas for Your Home


Homeshabby.com -- Hi mom, don't let the atmosphere of your house dry out. Come on, green the house by maximizing the available space such as the space under the stairs in a 2-story house, as a fresh and comfortable indoor garden area. No need for a large area, even small can be a favorite area for your relaxing time at home. Intrigued by the indoor garden model under the stairs? Here's the inspiration.


Garden as well as a place of ablution behind the house which is a family favorite.

You can try a white residence that can highlight the existing decorations, a garden as well as a place for ablution under the stairs leading to the rooftop drying area at home. The floor is decorated with exposed cement stepping and ornamental grass with a very beautiful combination of gravel, making the garden area the most comfortable place to relax. The open roof with green plants makes the atmosphere of a small space even more beautiful in the house.


Garden and fish pond without roof under stairs in Industrial style

This design is quite mainstream, making the area under the stairs natural, providing direct sunlight with the concept of stairs and other industrial elements. Dry trees with a height almost the same as a ladder area the main attraction in this beautiful indoor garden design. While the space right under the stairs is added with chairs and relaxing tables with views of colorful ornamental plants and ornamental fish that area soothing to the eye.



Dry garden under black iron stairs for a relaxation area

You can apply a small garden using the hallway under the stairs to your home, because it is simpler. The stairs are made minimalist with a floating shape so that it is more space saving, while for the garden area with ornamental grass and steeping it can be combined with gravel for relaxation with a little touch of cactus plants or flowers in pots that have various unique shapes that spoil the eye-catchy. 


Garden under a ladder with tall trees and vines connecting the two floors

The design of the garden under the stairs is quite unique, planted with trees higher than the height of the stairs with vines that appear from the 2nd floor, which can display a very charming indoor garden style. Lighting and outside energy enter from the large glass walls of the floating staircas. Make the atmosphere of the family room cooler, shady and comfortable.


A simple dry garden under floating stairs with transparent glass stair railing

This dry garden under the stairs seems simpler, because the decorative design is not excessive. The floor is filled with floating gravel, with the focal point for placing palm plants in pots with colors that match the concept of the dwelling. Sunlight and plants cannot be separated, so are the benefits of a large glass wall near the garden. So that the plants remain healthy and the room air becomes more beautiful.


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