6 Beautiful Kitchen Dustbin Inspiration


Homeshabby.com -- Hi moms, the presence of a kitchen trash or dustbin is very important, because the kitchen is the place where most food waste is produced or leftover cooking ingredients that have the potential to cause odors in the kitchen and even throughout the house. So that the existence of dustbins does not spoil the eye and the appearance of the kitchen becomes less beautiful, here are 6 special beautiful dustbin kitchen inspirations for mothers who like maximally clean kitchens.

Beautiful dustbin with a clean look white round barrel

A dustbin that is placed in a cabinet or drawer under the sink can make it easier for you to dispose of trash after washing dishes or other cooking utensils. Removing the trash can or dustbin in the sink cupboard will also not take up much space and will be hidden back so as not to damage the style or aesthetic value of your home kitchen design.

The model and concept of placing a very unique dustbin on the islan table kitchen drawer

Two dustbins with the concept of a pull-out drawer and the addition of a dustbin cover and a trash can hole which you can use at the same time as a very multi-functional food crop or cutting mat. Your cooking activities will also be more fun and lighter with the presence of a dustbin like this.

The dustbin is hidden behind a rustic kitchen cabinet

You can also choose finishing wood as a dustbin container like the picture above. Pull-out drawers made of natural wood can be placed at the very end of the cabinet to separate storage racks and trash cans that tend to be dirtier. So even though this thick plastic dustbin seems hidden, the resulting odor can be avoided more from the cooking process.

Pull 3 separate bins in a minimalist drawer for a modern kitchen

If your kitchen often produces many types of waste, and requires more dustbin. You can try the dustbin concept method. 3 Dustbin in one cabinet made of good quality plastic and matching colors. Separate organic and non-organic waste so that it looks neater and that it looks neater and that hygiene is more maintaned. After cooking the cabinet can also be closed immediately so that the kitchen still looks beautiful and beautiful without any visible dustbin.

Pull-out drawer with plastic coated dustbin is a convenient solution that fits into any concept kitchen

You can adjust the placement problem to your needs in the kitchen. The space-saving model with a plastic-coated dustbin aims to make waste disposal more efficient. The separation of food scraps can still be considered so that it will not cause damp garbage on the dustbin.

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