5 Best Window Inspiration Image For Home Minimalist

 5 Best Window Inspiration Image For Home Minimalist 

Homeshabby.com -- The window is one of the vital elements of a home. Besides serving as a circulation, window also serve as a source of light. It is important to know the inspiration of a window of the home as a forward reference. They were all shapes from square to square, round to irregular. A proper selection of window adds aesthetic value. However, the owners often left a poorly chosen window. However, window must also have a design that matches the concept of the home. This is to to make the overall look more harmonious. To that end, know what the window models are for a home. 

This yellow window gives a brighter and more cheerful view. A simple window fits the selection of a chair in the dining room. While to give a less monotonous impression you can choose wall paint with two different colors. 

If your room already has a classic dark display, then you can choose a window of bright colors like the one in the picture that used a pink window with a folded design that makes the view neat. The window is made with wood materials to make it look stronger and more durable. 

The window can also be applied to your bedroom in the beautiful color of peach. They matched to monochromatic wallpaper so well that it added a room display. These window are also larger in size so they can maximize the light that goes into a room. 

The window with a bottom top view can make the room appear brighter. This unique window design has a beautiful pastel yellow and appears to match the design of a room dominated by white. You can put a single chair near the window so that it can become a relaxing area enjoying the surroundings. 

If you like the color blue then you can also apply it in your window. These big window with wood materials look pretty on the white interior and little yellow paint. This blue window gives the impression of a simple minimalist looking beautiful and cute. 

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