6 Out-Of-The-Box Kitchen Backplash Ideas

Homeshabby.com -- This year's pretty kitchen trend is not far from the backplash. This cool term refers to the part of the kitchen wall, especially the area between the lower cabinet and the upper cabinet of the kitchen at home. Its function is none other than to protect the kitchen walls from splashes of water, oil or other impurities and add to the impression of a beautiful, aesthetic kitchen. Well, for those of you who are still unfamiliar with this term, it's time to be amazed by the backplash style in a beautiful kitchen that is different from the typical kitchen from Homeshabby.com !

1. Exposed brick glass ceramics that seem vintage

Glass ceramic is one of the most beautiful kitchen ceramic material for a modern vintage-style kitchen backplash. This is because it features glass that is easy to clean at any time from oil stains. Even though it seems simple in terms of white exposed brick motifs or installation, this backplash further accentuates the natural kitchen because of its attractive color selection.


2. Ceramic backplash with an artistic pattern

Bored with only color gradations or certain ceramic choices in your kitchen backplash ? Unique and aetistic backsplash inspiration like the example above can be replicated. Applying random tones of bright and cheerful colors, this kitchen backsplash looks refreshing without being dated. Used unlimited imagination for kitchen creations to stand out and stand out more.


3. Beautiful and cost-effective alternative to 3D wallpaper on backplash

It doesn't have to be expensive and difficult to create a kitchen look from different backplash designs. You just need to anticipate it by attaching a 3D wallpaper with a simple motif like the picture above, it has made the kitchen look shabby pink shades more aesthetic, because the combination of pink and white is able to blend perfectly and does not seem pale.


4. Accentuating the natural concept with natural exposed bricks on a rustic kitchen backplash

If you don't want a beautiful kitchen that is to flashy, but still has a distinctive and stylish kitchen design ? Choose a backsplash with exposed red bricks without finishing that looks natural and what it is. Natural backplash colors can also compensate for kitchen utensils at home that are neutral in color, so that the appearance of the kitchen seems a thicker rustic style.


5. Play with wood brown neutrals one the backplash

The backsplash design in your kitchen doesn't always have to be medium or large. Arranged with brown wood wallpaper that looks original, your kitchen looks very luxurious, beautiful and elegant thanks to the combination of backsplash colors with white kitchen sets and matching furniture.


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