The Room inspiration Looked Fresh and Cool With a Pretty Aglonema

 The Room inspiration Looked Fresh and Cool With a Pretty Aglonema --  Aglonema atau Chinese Evergreens or in Inonesia popular with the name "Sri Rejeki" are plants of beauty and uniqueness. The aglonema plant theoretically has the ability to grow in less light conditions for the greenness. But for this  type of aglonema having a variegated, this silver or white needs sufficient sunlight. This is because it enhances the color and brightness of agloname plants. So more sunlight can give aglonema plants an ever more beautiful color. But it is true that this aglonema plant is beautiful kind of decorating home. This aglonema plant can thrive on moist soil. To that end we will descuss room inspiration for fresh and cool use of pretty aglonema. For more details you can see below.

Aglonema in this beautiful color can make a whole new atmosphere. You can use the flower place with the simple and elegant white design. 

If you want an indoor garden but a small size then the above inspiration can be a choice. You can use a vase with tiers of matching colors. 

The green aglonema on the terrace of the home can make a much fresher garden. You can use the wall on the home as a beautiful vertical garden. 

If you want an indoor park but do not have land you can use a ladder that can lay down aglonema plants. Neatly arranged aglonema plants add a fresh appearance to your home. 


Aglonema placed in the corner of the room  can be seen using a colored flower vase. This green aglonema can add refreshment to your home. 

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Author      : Septiyani
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