5 Small Kitchen Design Ideas That Make The Most of A Tiny Space

Homeshabby.com -- The kitchen is a room used for cooking areas and serving food. The position of this kitchen is usually located at the very back of the house. Undeniably, today's homes are available in small sizes due to land constraints and high land prices. It also impacts the size of the spaces in the home, including the kitchen. Minimalist kitchen design is an interior design that is often used by many people because it is able to create a wider impression than the original. A kitchen with a minimalist design can make the look more neat and organized. Well if you don't have enough space to make a kitchen then you can make use of narrow room with a simple and minimalist design. 

This minimalist kitchen is dominated by furniture with gray color on the upper and lower cabinets. In addition to giving a little accent to the kitchen, the gray color can create a modern impression and is not easily dirty. To make the use of kitchen like this. In addition, you only need to turn your body around when you want to wash vegetables in the sink or when you want to organize food. In addition to minimalism, this kitchen is also power efficient because it has a skylight that becomes the entrance of sunlight during the day. 

For those of you who like neutral colors, you can choose scandinavian themed colors. A characteristic feature of the scandinavian interior is the neutral color that is touched by wooden elements. Scandinavian tends to put forward simple styles that lead to minimalism. From the minimalist kitchen design above, the color with a touch of wood found on the lis and partition of the room. 

Having a home with a modern concept you can juggle the kitchen even with a small size. The selection of colorful kitchen colors can further increase the spirit. So as not to add any more tables, the room benefit can use the shelves placed on the kitchen set. The kitchen using pastel green can make the kitchen look brighter and prettier. 

It is said that the color element of wood can make the impression of the room look more spacious. Not only kitchen cabinets made of wood, but white ceramic sinks can also be combined with wood. You can also create a kitchen that blends into the dining room so that it can make the room bigger and neater. 

If you're one of those people who isn't afraid of getting dirty, it doesn't make any mistake to apply this minimalist all white kitchen design. From wall colors, furniture and cooking utensils. Choose slippery furniture to be easy to clean when exposed to dirt later. 

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