5 Best Oxygen Producing Houseplants for Beautiful Modern Living Room

Best Oxygen Producing Houseplants for Beautiful Living Room by Homeshabby.com

Homeshabby.com -A healthy living room is a living room with enough oxygen. Healthy for families and healthy for our guests. So the most important thing in our home is that we can present a room with enough oxygen and healthy.

One idea from Homeshabby.com is to create a guest room with enough oxygen. One of them is dalah with some plants that are suitable for the living room that can bring oxygen. So you have to read to the end what is suitable plants for your living room, besides making the living room more beautiful, of course, have enough oxygen.

1. Monstera and Areca Palm
Moonstera and Areca Palm have ability to produce oxygen and increase its level in the area where it is kept.

2. Dumb Cane
This plants can cleans off VOCs like benzene, acetonne and toluene inside your home. So your home more fresher and healhty.

3. Chrysanthemum
Through it not exactly known for its oxygen producing, but it is a great plant to clean the harmful VOCs off the air.
It is have more leaves, so oxygen production is higher than the other house plants.

4. Spider plant
The spider plant is one of the best plants to reduce stress and also increase productivity.

5. Snake Plant
This plant can emits oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide at the night.

Hopefully this homeshabby.com article can help you in decorating your living room, always read articles from us and share with your colleagues and lovers. Thank you..

Author: Nurma
Editor: Munawaroh
Source: Instagram