5 Bedroom Ideas To Make The Most Of Your Space


Homeshabby.com -- The bedroom becomes one of the spaces where we spend a lot of time in it, ranging from rest, relaxation, watching movies, reading books to working. The bed where we rest, read books to working. Bedroom usually have a according to the character of the room owner. So you have to design it with the right design in order to give a comfortable and neat impression. You can use the concept of modern minimalist bedroom or scandinavian concept that uses minimalist equipment and also light colors. For this room of course we give special attention, ranging from its discuss about 5 bedroom design ideas for you may be useful. 

Bedroom using monochrome black and white colors can make the look more charming and stylish. You can use a simple design so that it can make the look more neat. While in the corner of the room you can add greenery that has a large size so that it cradles the fresher look and cool. 

The combination of pink and grey can produce a charming look. Bedrooms using modern minimalist design can make the look more spacious. You can add curtains that dangle long downwards with the same color. The modern look can also be seen from the use of cute pink lights.

The white color that brings softness, also gives a calm and warm feel. Interestingly white color is easy to combine with other colors, such as gray color like this one bed that can make the look more comfortable and also make your bedroom look neat. 

If you like soft colors then you can design the bedroom using a soft blend of white and pink. This color make make the room look more girly. On the side of the bed you can add a dressing table and a table to place the bed light. So that it is not empty you can add wall decor to the top of the bed.   

Color games can indeed make the look of your bedroom more comfortable and beautiful. You can use colors that suit your character such as the bedroom above which uses natural gray, pink and wood colors. You can add a long mirror to make the look bigger and airy. 

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