Low Maintenance Garden Tips For Busy People

Low Maintenance Garden Tips For Busy People

Homeshabby.com -A garden brings many advantages for the house. No wonder that many homeowners build a garden, either indoor or outdoor. In addition to increase the aesthetic value of the house, gardens are also able to provide fresh air and soothing atmosphere. Yet, what if you are too busy to maintain a garden? Don’t worry, since you can obtain a garden with a low maintenance. Here are some tips you can consider to have a low maintenance garden in your house:

1 . Size and location

It is easy to understand that a small area will be easier to maintain and will not take a lot of time in care. As for the location, choose a location in your home that get enough sunlight. Keep in mind that there are also some plants that cannot survive under continuous direct sunlight.

2 . Combine hard and soft elements 

A garden not only contains beautiful grasses and flowers (soft elements). Combine hard elements such as coral rock, wood, and stepping stones in the garden which hardly require any maintenance.

3 . Choose plants with a low maintenance

The American carpet grass (Axonopus compressus) can be a great choice for you who are too busy to take care of the garden. The next options are cactus (Opuntia spp), mother-in – law’s tongue (Sansevieria trifasciata ‘ Laurentii ‘) and (Aglaonema commutatum). The plants of this type tend not to require regular watering and fertilizer.

4 . Supplement

Supplements in the form of oral cleaning fluid is a lifesaver for fresh flowers in the vase. In addition to providing sufficient water, give it a few drops of mouth cleaning fluid on the water. The antibacterial in the cleaning solution will inhibit the growth of bacteria that cause the flowers to wilt.

Good luck!

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