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Homeshabby.com -Tropical-styled home is a home which is decorated and designed in such a way by involving a lot of natural elements. No wonder that a tropical home looks natural and beautiful. If you want to design your home in a tropical style, you might need to consider the following tips:

Living room 

First, decorate your home with elements which feature the patterns of tropical plants or animals. Furniture or wallpaper with a pattern of flower arrangements (rose mallow, orchid family, and so forth) with bright colors becomes a favorite for a tropical home interior design. Meanwhile, for the animal features, you can use accessories in various sizes with dolphin shape, elephant shape, or other shapes of tropical animals.

There are lounge chairs

You can also choose furniture or wallpaper with tropical fruit patterns, such as the pattern of pineapple, papaya, and orange. It is also a good idea to display artificial fruits (e.g. made of plastic) on a table to obtain a more tropical impression. With this unique decoration, you can add the unique and beautiful feel in your tropical home.

Dining Room Idea

Do not forget to add the elements of tropical plants with wide green leaves around your house to add the natural and fresh impression. You can also add accessories which are synonymous with tropical beaches, such as a painting of beach with palm trees, rattan benches, and sea blue wall paint. That way your house will seem like a house in the middle of a tropical island.

Lastly,  a tropical home is synonymous with traditional carvings. You can use mirrors, cupboards, or other items that have beautiful carvings. If you want to use a carpet, choose the one with a floral pattern or other natural elements to enhance the natural impression.

For the wall paint color, use bright colors such as white, green, or sky blue to provide a warm and cheerful feel. Yet, you can also use dark brown, beige, and green to give a natural and cool impression, making your house feel like a house in a tropical forest which is full of trees.

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