Briliant Space Saving Ideas for Your Home

Brilliant space saving ideas for your home -- Have a small house? Arrangement is a challenge in a small house because if you make the wrong arrangement, the house will feel increasingly cramped and narrow. But apparently, the limited space in a narrow house or even in a super tiny house has given birth to creative idea about space-saving arrangements. These creative ideas are the solution so that the super-tiny house can be comfortably inhabited. Curious to find out ? Here are some brilliant ideas for saving space that are creative and you can emulate.

Living room

The design of the living room space saving concept is an open that makes the room look more spacious and free, air circulation and light are better, as well as saving costs and reducing construction costs due to minimal use of walls and doors.

Dining room and kitchen

Next, to the dining room and kitchen, put the kitchen set with a shape that adjusts the shape of the space. Save space by uniting 2 space functions in one area, combining the natural atmosphere with the glass screen that seems to coalesce next to the dining room. The choice of space color themes also uses neutral colors with warm wood color combinations.


How to save space next, optimize the space under the stairs that might still be left empty for a private room that is bedroom. Equipped with a single size bed and a minimalist work desk. While the wardrobe is only an open model for clothes hangers, so the narrow space under the stairs will be a relief for a comfortable rest.


Don't have enough space to use as a workspace ? No problem! workspace can actually be built anywhere. For example, in one corner of the foyer or living room near. The workspace is created by adding a simple rattan table and chairs to put the computer. Very compact and neat, right?

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Author  : Imka
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