Best Small Pink Living Room Decorating Ideas

Pink Living room idea by - Living room is the heart of a home, meaning that a home is no longer alive without it. A comfortable living room is very essential since it will create a good atmosphere for the homeowners. What if your living room is small? Could your family share their good times there in the small space? The answer is absolutely a yes.

Small living room will not be a problem if you could decorate it well. 

First, you must know that a small space will look wider in brighter colors. Thus, we recommend painting your living room wall in bright color with almost plain pattern. You can also pick cool tone colors such as gray, blue, and green. The ceiling should be painted one shade lighter than the walls to make the room feel taller. Next, choose the appropriate furniture. 

If your living room is small, don’t pick large sized sofa which will take much space. Simply choose the small yet stylish one. In addition, dual or multifunctional furniture is a great solution for space saving idea. You can make use a set of furniture for some functions. 

If you want to display your artworks or photographs on your wall, just put some which you like most. Avoid placing too many accessories and furniture since it will make your living room look more crowded. Also, putting a mirror over the sofa or opposite a window to capture light is a good idea. Mirrors will open up a space and reflect light, making the living room seem wider. 

Well, here we present eight small living room decorating ideas which may inspire you. Look at how the furniture is arranged and the colors are chosen. How perfect!

Author : Nurma
Editor   : Munawaroh
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