5 Excellent Ideas to Display Living Room Indoor Plant

5 Excellent Ideas to Display Living Room Indoor Plant
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Homeshabby.com -- The living room is the room that is used to accept guests when anyone visits the house. In addition, the living room can also be used to gather with members, relatives, friends, etc.  

The living room with plant can make the view of the room to be fresher and cooler. Plants that are commonly placed inside the house do have strong resilience. Usually the plants inside the house have easier treatment for example just by watering it two days and do not need a lot of sunlight. Many advantages if you put plants in the house include reducing toxic particles, reduce indoor dust, cleaner air, increase concentration, neutralize odor, etc. For living room design ideas with fresh plants you can see the picture below.  

The living room using the color of white domination can make the room bigger. You can use an elongated single sofa with a little cream white color. You can also combine it with a round table with a solid wooden material foot. At the corner of the room you can put the plant placed on the room you can put the plant placed on the shelf stacking. In addition to the corner of the room you can put the table so it looks fresh and more beautiful.   

The living room with cute colors makes for a home owners own comfort. You can use a elongated grey sofa paired with a pink colored pillow. You can add a small coffee table and it can also make a large glass to make the living room bigger. You can use a larger plant next to your couch. 

The living room with letter L form makes the look of your home mare luxurious. To make it look more comfortable you can use a larger glass window. To provide greater room illusions you can use a unique round mirror. 

The living room with cute pink sofa color makes you more cozy. You can use a large green plant placed in front of the window. In addition to greenery you can also put beautiful flower plants on your living room table. In order not to impress the empty you can add a wall decor with various shapes and writings motivation. 

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