5 Big Ideas for Small Bedroom Spaces for Your Kids

Big Ideas for Small Bedroom Spaces for Your Kids by Homeshabby.com

Homeshabby.com - Having a child we should have special preparations for a child's bedroom. The bedroom of a small child must be fun from both the concept model and the furniture.

1. color concept. Color is very influential on a child's view. Therefore choose the right color so that children like the room.

2. Bunk bed. Despite having a small room, it can still be used for 2 or more children, namely by using a bunk bed. bunk beds can be made of wood or synthetic iron that has been designed.

3. You can add some wall decoration and furniture. Wall decoration serves to divert the mind to the child that the room space is not narrow. So the child will feel comfortable in the bedroom.

4. Size.
Adjust the size of the bed with the size of the room and leave room for children to play, study and space to self-isolate.

5. Carpet.
As a support for child safety, the floor should be given a soft and comfortable carpet. So that children stay safe playing in the room.

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Author      : Nurma
Editor       : Munawaroh
Source     : Instagram 

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