Color Combinations For a Gorgeous Living Room

Color Combinations For a Gorgeous Living Room -- Designing a living room to be a comfortable place, it's a little tricky. You have to be have clever in styling and choosing colors for the living room so that it doesn't look narrower even look untidy. The living room with a neat arrangement can make the room bigger and brighter by using mirrors, using multi function furniture. Using the right color combinations can make the living room look more beautiful and elegant. For more details you can see the explanation below. 

The living room using pink color can make the room atmosphere brighter and more cheerful. You can use a patterned wallpaper with the dominance of cute pink colors. 

The living room with natural concept can make the house more fresh and beautiful. You can use a white wall paint so that it appears brighter and makes your living room bigger. 

Living room using modern design can make the look more beautiful. This living room added glass with a cute design can make the display more spacious. Use of sofas of different colors can make an unmonotonous impression. 

The living room using brown color can make the look more elegant. You combine the color of brown with white so it is more captivating and harmonious. This color combination can be presented using a window curtain. 

The living room using the sky blue color can make the room atmosphere brighter and cheerful. Using a blue color can make the atmosphere brighter. You can use a variety of furniture using blue colors and natural motifs. 

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Author       : Septiyani
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