5 Wonderful Ways to Lite Nature Into Your Living Room Space

Nature Living room space idea

5 Wonderful Ways to Lite Nature Into Your Living Room Space

Homeshabby.com -- The living room is the room that is normally used to host guests and place at the forefront of the house. Sometimes if we are residing in urban areas of course the air is more dirty and much air pollution. So you can make your living room cooler and natural. Using a natural design can make the home's feed cooler and make it more comfortable. Well here's how you can apply in making the living room more natural. 

1. By using greenery that you can add in your living room. Green plants can suck dirty air and can produce clean oxygen. 

2. In addition to using green plants you can create a natural impression by using dried plants and natural colors such as cream or environmentally friendly ingredients. 

3. You can also use plants that are flowering so in addition to making the atmosphere cooler too can make your living room brighter and more cheerful. 

4. Presenting natural ingredients can make the atmosphere to be more cool and natural. You can use a mirror with wood material with a unique design. 

5. Bright living room using pink color you can add large plants in the corner of the room so that it looks more natural and you can also add vines or dried plants nest to the couch. 

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