5 Beautiful Small Bathroom Ideas

Beautiful small bathroom ideas

Homeshabby.com -- It is undeniable, the space in small houses is certainly limited. However, even though it is not large, it does not mean the rooms cannot look beautiful and impressive. For example, the bathroom. Small size is even more pratical. Because it's easy and fast to clean. A small bathroom can also be a comfortable and relaxing place for residents of the house. This comfort can be realized through the right bathroom design. Here are five beautiful little bathroom design ideas you can apply.

1. Small bathroom with rustic modern style

Rustic-style bathroom you can mix with clear glass ornaments as a barrier between wet and dry areas for a more spacious impression in a narrow size. Also add a mirror that can reflect room light using white paint on the wall. The atmosphere of the bathroom with a rustic interior can give the impression of a warmer and calming space.

2. Plant decoration for small bathrooms is healthy and clean

Do not carelessly choose plants for decorating small bathroom, for example, ivory betel plants that hang and tongue-in-law that serves as water absorption and is able to kill bacteria so that the narrow bathroom becomes more healthy.

3. Maximize the function of walls in small bathrooms

In addition to the main bathroom equipment such as showers, toilets, and sinks, use the storage space as much as possible on the wall. Install hooks to hang towels and open shelves to store smaller, practical toiletries when you nedd them. Furniture attached to the wall is the right choice for a narrow bathroom.

4. Add a variety of textures to the types of ceramics

One easy way to add texture to a bathroom is with ceramics. This material is commonly used in a variety of sizes that can be applied to bathroom floors and walls to make is safer and more comfortable for activities. For a more assertive and airy impression, use vertical stripes and flowers like the picture above. Marble can be used for a more luxurious atmosphere. If you want the bathroom to look attractive and colorful, use patterned tiles.

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