5 Beautiful Green Colors For Small Size Living Room

5 Beautiful Green Colors For Small Size Living Room

Homeshabby.com -- Living room using green color can make the atmosphere more fresh and cool. Using green color can bring a refreshing impression because it is identical with nature and plants that provide a sense of safety, balance and harmony. Green is suitable for use in room rest because its bring a feeling of peace and tranquility. The living room with this green color can make the mood of home owner fresher and also reduce the boredom.

Living room using green color you can display by using elongated sofa in green color. To make it look fresher you can add fresh plants in the corner of the room.

The green living room of the theme can be display using a green sofa and combined with a charming white feather pillow. You can also combine with a seat that has a different warn but still compatible.

The combination of color between light green and brown can present a natural and fresh atmosphere. You can use a sofa or a curtain with green color and a leaf like motif. To be fresher you can add fresh crops to the living room table.

The use of green the living room is not only highlighted by the use of wall paint or sofa but also you can present using curtains and wallpaper with matching colors. Using this wallpaper can make it easier to change your living room theme.

The living room using the green color the green color can be presented using fresh green wall paint. You can also a carper with a green color matching the wall paint.

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