Top 5 Interior Design Idea Home Decor For Living Room

Interior design idea home decor for living room -- Discussing about the interior design of the living room its self, there are many styles in the interior that are developing now. You can choose various interior design styles according to the house. There are several styles of interior living room that are now popular to reference the interior of your dream living room, Come on see more..

The use of basic colors and minimalist furniture, such as iron-legged gray sofa or eucalyptus coffee tables never fail to make the whole house feel more modern and up to date. Choose minimalist style furniture such as puffs and sleek iron flower stands in the corner of the room. In order to appear colorful, give a touch of motif to the varied sofa cushions.

For those of you who want to have a neat and clean living room inteior without reducing the aesthetic value. This interior living room inspiration can be your choice or reference. A layer of transparent curtains to cover the glass door makes the room look tall and bright. Place beautiful greenery so that the atmosphere of the room becomes more natural and fresh.

Like the Scandinavian style? the design of this living room is his inspiration. The white color that dominates the room is able to display vintage decoration creations that decorate the room. The room is more charming thanks to the decorative rattan mirror with dried leaf accessories in every corner. Sofa that has some storage is equipped with a framed coffee table that makes the impression of a wider space.

Narrow space to make it look firm and spacious can be adapted to the application of vertical line wall wallpaper with a composition of different colors on some sides of the wall. Elongated sofa with a wooden leg model is identical to the minimalist style space concept. It's getting warmer with the black carpet on the floor matching the color of the puff beside it.

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Author  : Imka
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