Small Living Room Ideas and Designs

Small living room ideas -- The living room is one of the interior elements of the house that functions as a room to receive guests, but also because this space is usually the first area that we access every time we enter the house. A warm and comfortable living room but also beautiful in its arrangement would certainly be the dream of its residents. Well, to help you presents some small living room design ideas below.

1. Choose the type of chair that is minimalist

The existence of a sofa in the living room is the main thing. Design a small living room, choose the type of sofa that size is not too large with two or three seats only. You can mix these sofa chairs with long and small tables, both made of glass or wood motif.

2. Maximize the large window light

In addition to the choice of warm hazelnut room paint colors, the large window size can also create a spacious and bright effect for a small living room. You can adjust it with various rustic decorations attached to the hazelnut color so that it can change the space to be more beautiful and cozy.

3. A small living room that is a simple family dream

Apply neutral colors that dominate the room, changing the terrace space with a warm and shady atmosphere through a combination of brown and cream colors in each interior such as foam wood chairs, square sofas and curtains that can absorb extreme heat from the sun.

4. A comtemporary rustic-style small living room

Identical rustic style room using nude colors with natural wood and rattan interior materials. It seems that the rustic style room is able to channel a more natural and warm atmosphere to welcome guest. Place the coffee table in the corner of the room to pride more free space in the middle for activities in a narrow space.

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