5 Best Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Best small kitchen design ideas

Homeshabby.com -- Small kitchen does make the mother's cooking space is limited. But if you can find out the tricks to outsmart it through the right design, even a small kitchen will feel as comfortable as a large kitchen. So what should be a concern when discussing the design of this small kitchen ? Let's look at 5 small kitchen design ideas.

The presence of a window in the design of a small kitchen will make the kitchen look bigger and wider. Because the kitchen will be bright thanks to sunlight and your view will be wider to the outside of the house. You can open the window when cooking so that the smell of cooking is not confined inside the house and good air circulation can make the house healthier.

The key to this minimalist design is a sufficent amount of furniture and a simple and closed cabinet model. Without the presence of a lot of intricate furniture, the kitchen will feel more relieved. Retro colors are chosen for a cheerful impression on the kitchen making cooking activities more uplifting. Change the function of the room divider as a multifunctional mini bar area.

Create a more spacious and spacious impression, remove the cabinet and use an open wall shelf instead. Another advantage of using this open shelf is that it keeps furniture out of moisture and saves you time when looking for an object. Choose a brighter color that can reflect light for a kitchen atmosphere to be energy efficient.

The location of the kitchen does not always have to be closed to another room. You can create a small open kitchen-style chef design that integrates with other spaces, such as the kitchen above which integrates with the dining room. Thus, the kitchen will feel more spacious. To mark the division of the room, dining tables and chairs can be used as a barrier and the location of the planting stove with a cooker hood so that the atmosphere is smoke free and more healthy.

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