Inventive Ideas for That Space Under the Stair

Inventive ideas for that space under the stair -- For those of you who have multi-storey dwellings, surely having an empty space under the stairs is often the forgotten place in a building. Even if used, empty space under the stairs can be transformed into a multifunctional room. The top of the room that is tilted can actually provide its own aesthetic value.Confused to make use of the empty space under the stairs in your home ? Here are 5 creative ideas for empty space under the stairs to make the minimalist space look wider.

1. Private space to TV room

Confused putting TV in a small house ? Take advantage of the stairway as a TV room that is a place to relax and gather with family in private. Put a shelf under the stairs to put the TV and the title of feather carpet of foam sofa so that the atmosphere becomes more relaxed and pleasant. 

2. Aesthetic reading room under the stairs

For those of you fans of books and hobbies reading, making a reading room in an empty space under the stairs will be very fun. You can make a special cupboard under the stairs to place your reading collection. The reading room under the stairs will become your favorite place at home when you want to find inspiration and work.

3. Magic becomes a fun workspace

Do you want to have your own workspace at home but space is limited ? You can use the empty space under the stairs to be your ideal place of work. Just put a table under it. Arrange the work shelf as a storage for your books and work equipment. The workspace under the stairs is prefect for those of you who make the home a place of work.

4. Sewing room to express your hobbies

Sewing room with supporting equipment, making empty space under the stairs becomes more useful. Put the sewing table along with chairs and wall decorations as a place for your work records, with the layout and size of the furniture adjust the space, so that the impression of space can still be felt. Hobbies sewing will still be realized even if placed in a small space though.

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Author  : Imka
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