Living Room Idea : How to Create an Elegant Formal Living Room Design

Living room idea by -Formal living room is a living room designed for entertainment and conversation. There are several things to consider when you make a formal living room design, including making identification at the focal point, arranging furniture to optimize the view, and accessorizing based on the scale of wall space. Before purchasing formal living room furniture, it is better for you to plan the design.  that you can find the best size for individual pieces. As a result , the furniture and room layout has exact measurements and portion. In searching for the best furniture for the formal living room, you are encouraged to use some elements such as stained glass windows or crystal chandeliers. 

This accent creates an elegant tone for a formal living room .

First , it is better for you to determine the focal point in your living room. Generally, a formal living room uses a big window or a fireplace as the focal point. If you do not have both of these elements, you can get a built-in shelf or bar area on one wall. Take measurements at the wall and the room space around the focal point. This is important so that you can lay out the design for the placement of the furniture. You have to draw the layout on paper. It would be helpful if you can make the 3D images on the computer. 

You need to take all the measurements carefully including windows, doors , and focal point. When you arrange the furniture, you should set it to highlight the focal point in your room. Some formal living room designs include a piano in it which would be a good focal point. Adding a piano in the living room can dictate your room arrangement. You have to put the piano first before putting items other large furniture. It is also a good idea to use more than one focal point. 

Some homeowners use two focal points such as a big window and fireplace.

If you have oversized doors, you are encouraged to use the space in the corner to put the piano. If you do not use the piano, you can use the corner space to make a seat with chairs and a side table. Put large furniture to the side door. Ensure that your formal living room furniture do not limit your access. When you consider the formal living room furniture, you need to think about a mirror. The mirror will not only add a decorative touch to your living room but also help you to create the illusion of a larger space. Use a mirror with a frame .

If you want to add a personal touch to your living room, you can hang your family photos above the fireplace mantle or on the wall behind the sofa. When you use the mirror as a formal living room furniture, you have to put a large mirror opposite the window. This position helps you to bring more light into the room.