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Home Decor Idea : Simple Home Designs Ideas for You

Living Room Idea By Homeshabby.com

Homeshabby.com -Every home interior color is interesting as long as it is chosen and designed in balanced. Even, several interior colors can be selected only for one room. The art of designing is the art of architecture which is commonly done in designing a house. It is always fine if you want to present simplicity in your house. Each color in home design has different meaning which suits different atmosphere.

You can present a comfortable and simple look in your home by choosing black and white interior. Both colors belong to simple colors in the property world. They can bring an elegant and natural impression to your home.

It is a good idea to paint the wall white, which presents not only a simple impression but also a spacious one. Furthermore, if you have large windows, your house will look much more spacious.
You can choose white sofa for either living room or family room. You can also get inspiration from you interior design which combines black cushions and white sofa. That way, the color white will not look pale.

What about black sofa? Well, it is not a bad idea. You can choose a black sofa if you like the color black. Although this color looks dark, it will be attractive when combined with the color white.

Bathroom Idea via Dekoruma

For the bedroom, you can choose white bed with black sheet. Another interior color, i.e. black, would be great to accompany the white bed. Meanwhile, your bathroom will get more attractive with the color white.

There is no need to put many interior in every room because too many items in a room will only lose the simple and comfortable feel. It would be wise to put useful items only.
The following are some simple home design pictures that might inspire you:

Living Room Idea By Homeshabby.com

mint color living room by Homeshabby.com

gray living room by Homeshabby.com

gray living room by Homeshabby.com