Tips to Create a Cheerful and Cozy Small Living Room

Living room and Bedroom idea by -Living room plays an important role in your home. In addition to a space to entertain guests, this space also reflects the personal characters of the owners. Then, how to create a bright and cheerful living room design? Here are some simple tips to do so, even when you have a small living room.

Less is More

When you deal with a tiny living room, avoid the use of furniture which is not really needed, such as credenza or big shelf. If there is already a credenza in your home, make sure that it has multi purposes, e.g. you can use it as a display media, coffee table, and also as closed storage.
The point is, make sure that all furniture can function optimally so that it doesn’t take up the space. Some people think that the more furniture you have the more beautiful interior you get. In fact, you can only use a set of sofa there in your living room. Or, if you want larger seat, use sofa puff and multifunction coffee table. Place the sofa against the wall or at the outer side of the room. If there is enough space, you can add a small corner table. Make sure the furniture does not block the air circulation and activities.

Dry garden

Find it difficult to organize your not quite large space at home? Make a dry garden in the house then. Do it by sprinkling stones and making transparent ceiling that create an impression of a semi outdoor area. Put small pots with your favorite plants. In addition to beautiful, the house will look as if it was one with nature, and provides a relaxing effect when you return home after working all day.

Zoning by color

To avoid a messy room which loses its function, define the area. To make the zoning area you can simply play with colors. Do not be afraid to create different shades of color between one area and another. For example, you can paint the living room with neutral colors like white, wood, and natural color accents such as brown, beige, and red. While for the dining area, you can apply contrasting shades of green that looks different.

For those of you who love modern interior style and are not afraid to be different, try to play contrasting colors. For instance, you can combine two colors such as purple and orange on the walls of your room. Orange color can give the impression of cheerful, warm, happy, and full of energy.

For furniture, choose the one with natural materials such as wood finishing colors; let the texture and the color looks natural. Since the wall has been made colorful, natural color would work great as a balancer.  And certainly, adjust everything with the budget you have. If your budget is limited, playing paint colors is one easy way to provide more value to the room without having to spend a lot of money. Good luck!