Smart Garden Ideas : How to Keep Your House Plants Alive

smart garden ideas by -Bringing plants into your house provides you a lot of advantages. It helps filtering dirty air coming into your home, so that the air you breathe is clean. In addition, plants are always able to make your house look way more attractive and cool.

However, growing plants inside the house is not the same as growing them outdoor.  You have to keep your plants fresh, clean, and well maintained. As long as you take care of your house plants thoroughly, they will continue to grow beautifully in your house.
For instance, for the pots, choose the ones made from plastic or ceramics. Avoid the pots made from clay because they might make your house look dirty if not well maintained. Well, the following are tips you should consider to keep your house plants alive and healthy by :

Indoor house plant selection

Bamboo is plant that will look beautiful and attractive for your house. Cactus is also appropriate to be placed inside your house. You can also choose bonsai plants to decorate your home interior. If you want flower plants, then you can choose roses. You just need to use little water for your indoor plants maintenance.

Where to put indoor plants

You need to choose the right location for your plants. You can indeed put them in every room you want including the bedroom, living room, family room or kitchen. Yet, make sure that the location of the plants is exposed to sunlight. It is a good idea to put your indoor plants next to a window.

If you want to put your house plants in the living room, then you can put then in a coffee table which is exposed to sunlight. Plants in the house must be in direct contact with sunlight to perform photosynthesis.

You will find the uniqueness in plants other than cactus when they are growing. The stems of your indoor plants will grow in the direction of the sun. They will grow to the right direction when the sunlight comes from the right side, and vice versa.

Additionally, do not forget to water your plants regularly. Do it carefully so that there is not much water spilled on the floor, making it look dirty. Give them enough water according to the type of plants.

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