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Homeshabby.com -Kitchen Dining RoomPeople usually place their dining table anywhere they want, as long as it suits their taste. In fact, a dining table can be placed next to the kitchen or in its own room. Also, it can be joined in one room with the kitchen if you like. Each position will influence the look of the room. Here are some ideas of dining table placements you can apply in your home with its own disadvantages and advantages. You can choose any position you like considering your need in your home.

Attached to the kitchen

Dining Room Modern

A dining table which is attached to the kitchen is appropriate for a compact kitchen atmosphere. This dining table is good to be applied in a small home or an apartment unit with few occupants. This type of dining table usually has a concept like a dining table, either with a linear or center orientation.

Next to the kitchen

If you have a fairly wide area in your house, you can apply this concept. Although the dining table can stand on its own, but the position remains adjacent or next to the kitchen to facilitate circulation. This type of dining table can accommodate more people and is suitable to be applied in a home of four up to six family members.

Having its own space

If you have a wide house and enjoy entertaining relatives and friends, the dining table should be made private in its own space. The advantage is that you can place a dining table of any size, depending the size of the room. When eating, the occupants will feel more comfortable because there is no interfere from the ongoing activities in the kitchen.

The position of a dining table is usually adjusted to the tastes and the availability of space. Don’t forget to ask the opinion of all family members or occupants of the house about it so that everyone will feel comfortable.

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