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Dining Room by - Did you know that your dining room has a big influence to your and your family members’ appetite? The followings are things you can do to your dining room in order to increase appetite:

Best Modern Dining Table Decorations images  By

Firstly, adjust the shape of the table with the size of your dining room. If your dining room  is large enough, you may put a large round dining table there. Complete your round dining table with some chairs which are of similar design to your dining table. Adjust the number of the dining chairs to the number of the occupants of your home.
For those of you who have a small dining room, you should use a rectangular dining table  so that your room looks more spacious. Simple dining chairs would be suitable for this rectangular dining table.

Best Modern Dining Table Decorations images

Secondly, the design of the dining table also affects appetite, especially for children. For instance, to arouse children’s appetite you can use a transparent dining table or a wooden dining table without any ornament at all, e.g. carving.  Both designs of dining table are suitable for a modern minimalist dining room.

Thirdly, set the distance between the dining table and dining chairs. Ideally one wants a comfortable place to eat. One of the things that can make you feel comfortable when eating is the availability of sufficient space to sit.
When sitting, you need at least a space of about 60 cm above the chair without arms. Meanwhile, the distance of each seat is ideally 5 cm. When sitting on a chair with a table in front of you, you need at least a 25 cm space. With an estimated calculation of the distance between the chair and the table, you will find it comfortable when eating.

Next, adjust the height of the dining table and chairs. When you are sitting, the table should be above your stomach yet below your chest. With this position, your will feel comfortable while eating.
Additionally, make sure that you provide adequate lighting to the dining table. A wide window would be good to provide natural light during the day. Meanwhile, at night you can use a chandelier which is installed above the dining table. That you and your family members can see the food on the table clearly.

Lastly, choose the right color for your dining table and chairs. It should be adjusted to the color of the interior design. Some recommended colors for the dining room interior that can increase appetite are red, green, orange, and other fresh colors. For the dining table and chairs, choose neutral colors such as beige, light brown, white, or black for the color of the chair and dining table.