Simple White Theme Home Decoration Ide

Living room idea  -Creating an insanely chic small space is a cinch if you stick to a monochromatic palette as shown in this white living room featured on A few tricks keep this space from feeling cold and stark. Beautiful greenery enlivens the space with color. Natural wood and wicker accents add a dash of cozy, rustic style. 

flamingggo Bedroom

Decorating your bedroom in white doesn't mean you can't have any other color. In fact, a few touches of color take a room that would otherwise be ho hum and turn it into something special. It doesn't take much - in this bedroom, the same tropical-print fabric makes up the drapes, window shades and throw pillows to great effect.

None of the accents are elaborate, but there is just enough color and pattern to give a wonderfully tropical flair to this otherwise simple bedroom. This photo is also a testament to how white plus a few touches of color adds visual space to a very small bedroom.

Living Room

Dining room