8 x 10 M Split-Level House Design with 3 Bedrooms

 Homeshabby.comA split-level house is a house design where the style of each floor depends on each other. Generally, there are two stairs that connect 2 floors with different level heights. The difference in floor level itself is not at different floor levels.

Modern house design

Seen from the outside, the design of this house has a design increasing to the side. By adopting a modern style, of course, this house will not miss the trend. There is also a garage that has a location under the house so it will not take up much space.

Rear area

As for the back area of the house, there is an empty corner. It can be used as a laundry area. With the right design and the right arrangement, it will make this laundry area look neat and stylish.

Comfortable living room

A simple design appears in the living room in this 8 x 10 meter house. For this room is designed by prioritizing comfort. You only need to put a sofa for seating and also a small table as a place for snacks or others.

Bedroom area

For bedroom design, it is made as simple as possible. By placing the mattress on the bed, as well as a small table beside it, you can create the rest of the area as a place to study or work.

Make sure the design by placing furniture that fits the size in the bedroom so as not to make the room too stuffy or too loose.

Small kitchen

The letter L design in the kitchen certainly makes the area look wider. By maximizing space, it will keep the kitchen neat and clean. Coupled with the right lighting and good air ventilation, it will make the kitchen feel comfortable and not stuffy.

Floor plan

House features:
  • porch
  • garage
  • living room
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • kitchen
  • dining area

Source : Youtube - briaheartTV Design

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