Cozy Small House In Nature Living (8x11Meters) Free Floor Plan - The design of this simple house covering an area of 8x11 meters looks slick and comfortable. With the swimming pool, it makes the residences feel more soothing. Check out the following unique residential reviews and hopefully be inspired.

Facade view

The front view of this house looks chic and simple. With the roster barrier, it makes the house feel more private but also doesn't make residents feel stuffy or uncomfortable. The presence of plants in the front area of the house also makes the environment feel fresher and more beautiful.

Top view

Seen from above, this house is built with an L shape. Where the swimming pool is designed to be located at the front of the house after the entrance. But it doesn't matter, with careful design and planning, this house feels comfortable and soothing.

Main room

Merging the living room with the kitchen and dining room will save space. And it is perfect for this simple house. You can design nicely and decorate in good ways for a comfortable spot.

Bedrooms design

There are 2 bedrooms in this nature house. And the two bedrooms are the same facing in the direction of the swimming pool. So it will have a good view every time you wake up.  Get a barrier sliding door with transparent glass material in the bedroom area. And install the curtain to protect the view and keep the bedroom in a private area.

Swimming pool

The swimming pool at the side of the house is stunning. There is also a fountain that makes the swimming pool feel more soothing with the sound of flowing water. Not only that, the design of the swimming pool next to the front of the house is designed without a roof. However, you can add a transparent roof for more security.

Floor plan

Let's detail the floor plan above in below:
  • main room (5.55m x 3.58m)
  • master bedroom (3.75m x 3.58m)
  • bedroom (3.15m 4.15m)
  • bathroom (2.10m x 2.25m)
  • mini garden (2.10m x 1.75m)
  • swimming pool (4.50m x 4.57m)

Source : Youtube Small house Design

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Author - Yuniar