Modern House Design with Functional Space -- Designing a comfortable home is one of the important priorities for families. Make sure you estimate the right space requirements for the perfect facilities. This house design carries an interesting concept by making the house look magnificent using a 2-story structure that looks well integrated. It also has amazing interior details. 

It will be perfect for those of you who like a minimalist style that is neat and clean. How about the details, check out Modern House Design with Functional Space.

Front view

The front of the house looks like two buildings merged together, the first floor building with a contemporary bungalow type and also a two-story building that has a modern minimalist type. 

What makes it look beautiful is the use of finishing with matching colors and details. The difference is the application of natural stone as a variation that makes the house feel more alive and fresh.

Side view

For a 2-storey house, it looks good with an elevated area that will make it appear grand and have an important function when you are in the lowlands. On the second floor, there is a balcony with a glass railing that is designed simply and without many other details, making it cleaner. 

Due to the smaller size of the room, this 2-storey house is also equipped with ideal windows that are large enough to keep the house airy.

Outdoor space

On the side of the one-story house is a functional side porch. Using an elevated design as well, this area has wooden railings and lattices that look shady and warm. The porch area can be used as a service area or as a refreshing relaxing area. 

The overall concept of this house can be built together with your parents. The 2 integrated buildings will ensure your parents are kept in the loop.

Roof design

The roof design uses a minimalist concept with neat installation. For a one-story house using the skillion to lead type which is divided into 3 parts with varying heights. While for 2-storey houses using a single shed roof type that is wide and shady.

Interior design

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Author - Hafidza