6 x 10 m Small House Design Plus Floor Plan

 Homeshabby.comThis tiny house is built with dimensions of 6 x 10 meters or 800 sqft. Built on two floors, this tiny house feels comfortable and has 2 bedroom facilities. Just look at the review below which has a floor plan for a more detailed explanation.

Small house design

The appearance of this exterior looks simple but welcoming. Equipped with a garage, you can make a garage in a door with wooden elements. Decorate around the house by installing lanterns or other additional lighting so that the night atmosphere feels more shining and pleasant.

Living room

Entering the interior, it seems that the living room has a crowded design but is still organized. Natural elements that decorate the room make the atmosphere feel natural and like in the countryside. You can add a firepit to make the room feel warm when winter arrives.

Laundry area

Do you see space in one corner of the house? In that case, take advantage of this area for laundry rooms. No need to be spacious, you only need enough space for a washing machine. The rest you can work around so that the laundry area feels neater and more comfortable to use.

First-floor plan

First-floor features:
  • carport
  • living room
  • bathroom
  • kitchen
  • dining room

Second-floor plan

Second-floor features:
  • 2 bedrooms
  • bathroom
  • laundry area
  • relaxing area or stopover

Source : Youtube - Jasper Tran - House Design Ideas

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