8 x 16 Meter Modern Two-Storey House Design

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Modern house design

This two-story house built with dimensions of 8 x 16 meters looks chic and makes residents comfortable living in it. The use of neutral colors and soothing shades makes the design clean.

The use of secondary skin on the second floor, precisely the balcony, further enhances the appearance of a chic and modern house.

Spacious side area

Leaving land in the side and back areas of the house, allows you to be creative. Like making a beautiful and refreshing garden, or just for a walking area with soil overgrown with fresh green grass.

Beautify with breezeblock and ventilation

The addition of several items in the side area of the house avoids monotonous accents. The use of ventilation that can help the interior of the house have a smooth circulation is indeed needed.

Not only that, the side area of the carport, is designed using a breezeblock. This will certainly add to the eye-catching design and decoration.

Back view

So is the back view of the house. The use of windows equipped with cantilevers also makes the design more beautiful. Additional lights can help illuminate the back area of the house when it gets dark.

Roof view

For the roof design, this two-story house uses a combination roof model. The use of dark colors on the roof makes the house not monotonous, it appears matching with a house that has this light color design.

Source : desainrumahyuk

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