Peek a Paradise House with Mediterranean Touch

 Homeshabby.comMediterranean style is indeed very interesting for home design. The soothing nuance makes the residence look welcoming and warm. Supported by breathtaking views and the right home arrangement, it will make you more comfortable living in this Mediterranean-style house. Let's see the review below for details!

Fresh pool brings comfort nuance

Houses built with predominantly white materials and wood elements give the impression of a natural and calm home design. The existence of a swimming pool makes the house fresher.

Put lounger at side of the pool area

It's incomplete if your pool area does not have loungers or bean bags. This item is very useful to complement the design of the swimming pool in your Mediterranean home. Guests can relax while sunbathing with bean bags or loungers while enjoying the breeze and beautiful scenery.

Get surrounded by tropical plants

Tropical plants are also very supportive of the design of Mediterranean homes with swimming pools. The addition of these items will make your home look like it is in heaven. Use palm plants or other tropical plants to decorate your home area to make it more beautiful and fresh.

Transparent sliding door makes efficient

The room directly facing the pool does have a different accent. So, in order not to block this beautiful view, you can make a transparent barrier. Such as installing a sliding door that has transparent material as a divider for the room and swimming pool area for example. Besides being efficient, it will also make you feel happy because it has a good view.

Good view with open-plan

Try designing your Mediterranean home with an open-plan concept. By combining the kitchen and living room, you will have a room that looks more spacious and comfortable.

Measured stuff in matching design

By the way, designing furniture properly can make your paradise house look more stunning and elegant. Try using neutral colors or light colors for this. This will show the Mediterranean style and tropical residential accents.

Source : baliinteriors

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