Simple Two Storey House Design

Simple Two Story House Design -- You have a lot of money and confused between buying a house or sightseeing as a way of refreshing yourself from various busyness?

Surely many people will chooses to buy or build a house if the have a lot of money. And this is the best choice for your future infestation?
Already interested in buying or building a house, but confused will make a house with the 1st or 2nd floor?

Well both choices between the 1st or 2 nd floor is the right choice if adjusting your needs. If you're business need a place to provide space, you can choose the 2nd floor for this purpose. Let's check out the simple two-story house design that you can try!

A simple house with a minimalist but stylish pyramid roof


The design for this first house is quite simple. Use thee pyramid roof as roof that has quite a lot of advantages. The carport parts that fit these tow cars are enough for your vehicle. The area to get to the main door if this house looks luxurious as there is a warm welcome form the dark roof above.

Two-story scandinavian exterior house


Choosing the right home concept also affects the character of the owner. The next two-story house if full of minimalist white in the exterior. The roof model is simpler but looks luxurious from concrete. The carport area protected by glass canopy gives a modern and more charming impression.

Contemporary style for a two-story house, has secondary skin


Quite different from the design of a previous two-story house. This house chose a dark theme with dark brown color on the second floor grille and secondary skin that looks as high 2-3 m. The flat roof is chosen to make the house look more dynamic to match its exterior.

The two-story house industrial concept has an open garage


The design of this two-story house is quite popular among young people. Industrial style with minimalist white mixed equally on each side. Symmetrical shape in the terrace area if this house gives the appearance of a more classy house with a wall next to it that uses concrete walls.

Maximal air ventilation is very suitable with industrial concept with a touch of dark color in some elements. Having an open carport makes this house look airy and freer.

Modern classic two-story house style


The design of this last two-story house chose a dominant modern classic style with large and symmetrical pillars making the house look more sturdy and magnificent. The shape if the windows that is half a month at the top also signifies a classic house in general.

Not to forget the minimalist white exterior as the right combination for this house. Although it does not have a terrace, the carport area that fits these two cars can be beautifully designed for a small terrace at home.

So have you thought about diverting money to build or buy house in the future? The design is certainly designed according to the owner's wishes feel safe and comfortable.

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Hopefully this article is useful for those of you who are looking for design inspiration home plans. May you be facilitated sustenance in building your dream home.

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